Our Telehealth Services

  • Computer with a good internet connection, or smartphone, or iPad with a good cellular or wi-fi
  • Webcam, microphone and speakers on your computer.
  • The ability to conduct a video session on your smartphone, iPhone or iPad.
  • Google Chrome or Firefox browser if using a computer.
  • Safari if using an Iphone or Ipad.
Tips to check before your session:

  • Make sure that you disable your adblocker, videoblocker and any other blocking extensions or
    programs if you have those on your computer or browser.
  • Make sure that you have video autoplay enabled on your computer.
  • Make sure that your antivirus software will allow Doxy.me to run.
  • Turn off all apps and notifications on your computer or smartphone before and during session.
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1.  Click the link above that says "Enter Waiting Room".  This will open the provided link.

2.  A Doxy.me website will open with a box stating “Welcome! Please check in below to let Dr. Stoudenmire
know you are here” YOU WILL ENTER YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, and then click Check in.

3.  There may be another request to have access to your camera/microphone. Please click Enable

4.  You will then be placed into a que and connected to your provider as soon as possible. Please be patient
with us as we are learning this technology.

5.  Once your appointment is complete, all you will have to do is hang up or exit the web page.
Once we have an appointment set for your session, we will send an email to let you know what to expect
regarding your appointment.  At this time we are only accepting credit card payments and will contact you
before your appointment to collect your copay.  We will send another email to you with forms attached that
will be needed to be completed online using Adobe Acrobat. You will complete them online and digitally sign
the forms.  Once signed they will automatically be submitted back to us.  This must be done
before your
appointment.  If you have not submitted the forms back to us before your appointment, we will have to
reschedule you for another date.

On the date and time of your appointment, Dr. Stoudenmire will call you and initiate your sessions either by
computer, smartphone or Ipad, whichever is your preference.  There is also a link below where you can sign
into the virtual waiting room to initiate your session.  Please sign in using your first and last name so that he
can identify you.

Dr. Stoudenmire requests that you adhere to the following rules during your session:

  • If the appointment is for your child, that you, and your child are to be viewable on the video so that we
    are aware of who is participating in the session.
  • That your session is to be conducted in a private setting, and not where others are present.  
  • Your session is not to be recorded by you or anybody else.  Doing so will result in you being terminated
    as a patient.
If you wish to sign into our virtual waiting room instead of waiting for Dr. Stoudenmire to call you,
please click on the link below: