We offer the following services for adults.
Typically, we first conduct a psychological
evaluation. Based on what is diagnosed, we can
make recommendations for follow-up counseling or
psychotherapy as needed. Just as with children
and adolescents, we provide services on a wide
variety of issues, including the following.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADD/ADHD) in adults

Anxiety, including panic attacks, OCD and

Depression, including grief counseling

Anger, antisocial personality disorder

Bipolar disorder    

Evaluations for bariatric (weight loss)

Pain evaluations (headaches, ulcers,
        chronic pain)

isability evaluations, both for social security and
   private testing

Cognitive/neuropsychological testing
Memory testing
IQ Testing
Learning Disability Testing
Aspergers Testing
Autisim Testing

We can provide counseling for most of the problems detailed above. In some cases, the
treatment is best provided in another setting or by another agency or provider, such as the
person’s personal physician. In some cases, no treatment is needed. The evaluation alone
provides the needed information. When counseling is done, it typically involves sessions in
which the person learns ways to control their negative emotions (e.g., anxiety, depression,
anger) as well to enhance positive emotions (e.g., joy, inner peace, fulfillment). It can involve
changing one’s thought perspectives and behavioral patterns.