About Dr. Stoudenmire
Dr. Stoudenmire has been practicing clinical
psychology in Mississippi since 1969 and in
Pascagoula since 1976. He obtained a
Bachelor's degree from Birmingham-Southern
College in Alabama and his Masters and Ph.D.
degree from the University of Southern
Mississippi. For many years, he served as
Clinical Director of the Singing River Mental
Health Services.  He has also served part-time
teaching appointments at the University of
Southern Mississippi, University of Mississippi,
Mississippi State University, Blue Mountain
College, and Springhill College in Mobile,

He has authored numerous publications in
professional journals. For many years, he
wrote a column, “Coping Better”, for the
Mississippi Press.
He has served as presidents of the Mississippi Psychological Association and of the
Mississippi Council of Community Mental Health Centers.

He has been a guest lecturer at the University of South Alabama Medical School, a workshop
conductor for Head Start, spoken at numerous civic and school groups, and has been a
guest on various television and radio programs.

In addition to being a licensed psychologist in Mississippi, he conducts civil commitment
examinations for the Jackson County Chancery Court and conducts Social Security disability
evaluations for the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services.

He is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology with the American Board of Professional
Psychology.  He is a Fellow with both the Mississippi Psychological Association and with the
Academy of Clinical Psychology.
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