John Stoudenmire, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Doctor's Plaza Office Building
4211 Hospital Street., Suite 208A
Pascagoula, MS  39581

Telephone:   228-769-2311
Fax:             228-762-1240
Welcome to our clinic.  Our goal is to foster
self-understanding and self-enhancement of the total
person including physical, emotional, mental, and
spiritual growth.  We offer a wide variety of services
to facilitate people in life's everyday challenges.  In
fact, one of our goals is to help our clients get beyond
solving problems and move even further towards
becoming a fully functioning person, to go beyond
conquering the negative and reach for the positive.

Psychology is the science of human behavior.  
Clinical psychology is the practice of using science to
help people reach their full potential and achieve
personal happiness.  
Our office hours are Monday through Wednesday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  In special cases we offer after hours
appointments with Dr. Stoudenmire's approval.  We look forward to being of service to you.  Once you
schedule an appointment, you will be mailed a packet that includes your insurance and copay information, a
registration form, a questionnaire and a welcome letter.  Also, for your convenience, these same forms (except
for your insurance information) may be printed from our
Downloadable Forms link.  We also have printable
directions if you are not familiar with our location.  If you have any questions before your appointment, we will
be happy to answer them.  You may reach us at 228-769-2311.
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